**WIP** Home-grown alternative implementation of Apple Internet Router 3.0
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Home-grown alternative implementation of Apple Internet Router 3.0


  • Full compatibility with Apple Internet Router 3.0
  • Function on modern operating systems
  • EtherTalk support
  • Be observable (there's a HTTP server with a /status page)

TashTalk could be a stretch goal, if I can acquire one!

Things that used to be caveats

  • Previously it would listen for all EtherTalk traffic, regardless of destination. Now it doesn't do that, which should help it co-exist with other routers on the same host.
  • You can configure an alternate Ethernet address if you are reusing the same network interface for multiple different EtherTalk software.
  • In addition to the configured EtherTalk network and zone, it now learns routes and zones from other EtherTalk routers, and should share them across AURP.
  • There's a status server. Browse to http://[your router]:9459/status to see information about the state of jrouter.


Things I plan to fix Real Soon Now:

  • Some packet types need splitting to fit within limits. Some of these aren't implemented yet (mainly encapsulated). The unimplemented ones seem unlikely to hit those limits unless you are running a lot of routers or zones locally.
  • I plan to add a Prometheus metrics endpoint and at least add log levels / verbosity config.
  • The AURP implementation is mostly there, but not fully complete. The main thing missing is sequence number checking.

Things I plan to fix At Some Point:

  • For expediency I made it act as a seed router. At some point I might add "soft seed" functionality.

How to use

WARNING: It Sorta Works™

First, set up a jrouter.yaml (use the one in this repo as an example).

TODO: explain the configuration file

Building and running:

sudo apt install libpcap-dev
go install gitea.drjosh.dev/josh/jrouter@latest
sudo setcap 'CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE=ep CAP_NET_RAW=ep' ~/go/bin/jrouter
  • NET_BIND_SERVICE is needed to bind UDP port 387 (for talking between AIRs)
  • NET_RAW is needed for EtherTalk

TODO: instructions for non-Linux machines

Bug reports? Feature requests? Complaints? Praise?

You can contact me on the Fediverse at @DrJosh9000@cloudisland.nz, or email me at josh.deprez@gmail.com.